Monday, 23 April 2018

KD Magic Event - Brawl

Starting this Friday we will be running some MTG Brawl events. Starting at 4pm and run up until FNM starts at 7pm. There will be no entry cost for this event and no prize support, although players are welcome to have a cards from our old stock of FNM promo cards for attending.

What is Brawl?

You build a 60-card Standard-legal deck around a legendary creature or planeswalker. You can only have one copy of any given card in your deck other than basic lands. Your legendary creature or planeswalker starts in the command zone and works the same way that you might be used to from Commander: you can cast it for its mana cost, and then again for an additional two mana each time. Each player starts with 30 life.

What will the format be?

Depending on the amount of players interested we will be playing multi player games or between 3 and 5 player, ideally 4. Each game will be un-timed and last until there is only one player remaining.
Although this is a casual format I will be issuing KD points for people that attend and we will be looking at running a competitive format in the future if there is enough interest.  

The will be a facebook event created for people to confirm attendance.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Dice Masters League

On Thursday we played the first round of our Dice Masters League. The league will last for 8 weeks with seven different challenges (6 constructed team events and 1 draft last two weeks).

The first challenge was 'Two of a Kind' where every team had to have two characters from each of the four different types.

Points were awarded for playing, winning and drawing a game, winning a round and the final standings.

Here is a summary of the rounds and the results...


Olly v Nick - Nick concedes 2nd game to give Olly a 2-0 win
Marc v Stuart - 1-1 draw
Kevin v Will - 2 very quick games to give Will a 2-0 win
Tobey v Jake - After lots of chat but Tobey get the 2-0 win


Olly v Tobey - Infiltating sidekicks agains deadly sidekicks, Olly win 2-0
Kevin v Stuart - Some poor dice rolls end in a 2-0 win for Kevin
Nick v Jake - 2-0 win for Nick
Marc v Will - 2-0 win for Will


Tobey v Kevin - Went 3 rounds but Tobey gets the win 2-0
Stuart v Jake - Dice rolls went Stuart's favour this round and gets a 2-0 win
Marc v Nick - 2-0 win for Marc
Will v Olly - This time the infiltrating sidekicks beat the villainous sidekicks, Olly wins 2-0


Olly wins with 3 straight victories
Will comes second with 2 wins and a loss
Tobey comes third also with 2 wins and a loss


Olly 13pts
Will 9pts Tobey 8pts Marc 5.5pts Stuart 5.5pts Kevin 5pts Nick 4pts Jake 1pts Gary 0pts (did not play this event)

The standings will be updated on our website weekly ...

Friday, 20 April 2018

M2 Deck Box

The M2 deck box you already love is getting three new limited edition premium fabrics. Ultra Pro have found a series of high end, unique, premium fabrics and the're launching them for a limited time only! All of the limited edition fabrics feel top of the line and have fun textures not found on other products in gaming.
The M2 limited edition deck box features a main compartment which holds up to 75 standard size sleeved cards and also has a separate compartment for dice & tokens. Trays are removable to help organize contents in compartments.
  • Three premium bold high end fabrics to choose from
  • Black fabric interior lining with silver Ultra PRO logo
  • Extra strong magnet closure for security
  • Dimensions are approximately 3.50 x 3.00 x 5.62 Inches
  • Black fabric interior lining with silver Ultra PRO logo stamp

MTG : Creature Forge

Releasing this May ...

Bring your Magic: The Gathering Battlefield to life with Creature Forge. Measuring up to 55 mm in height, each highly detailed Creature Forge token figure comes with a base representing one of the five iconic colors that make the foundation of Magic’s mana system. Mainstays like artifacts and Multicolored creatures can also be found in the set, each with their own unique corresponding colored base. Collect well-known token creatures from Magic’s 25-year history, like the Angel, Dragon, Spider, Zombie and more! Many of the tokens include translucent parts and all come as never-before-seen three-dimensional representations!

Collect all 28 Creature Forge tokens from this inaugural release!

Introducing Brawl

With the release of Dominaria comes a new casual format called BRAWL.
  • 60-card decks
  • All cards must be Standard-legal
  • No more than 1 of a given card (except basic land)
  • 1 "commander"—a legendary creature or planeswalker that begins in the command zone and returns to it any time it leaves the battlefield
  • Any mana symbol that appears on a given card must also appear on your commander
  • Players start with 30 life
  • Best played in groups of 3–5 players
It is very much like commander but with a much more limited card pool to choose from. Its just as much fun to play and starting from next week we will be running events every Friday Afternoon from 4pm. (More details to follow next week)

MTG Board Game

Coming this August ...


In this Euro-style strategy game, two to four players will take on the role of a powerful hero as they travel to the lands of Dominaria.

As players explore the ancient lands, they will need to build magical sites, rediscover lost artifacts, and confront the sinister Cabal to gain the resources needed to save the multiverse before rival heroes do.

Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game will be available in two versions: Standard and Premium. Both versions include pawns, but the premium will also include four pre-painted miniatures of iconic Magic: The Gathering heroes.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New Pokemon

New for Pokemon this week ...

  • 1 Never-before-seen Foil Promo Card featuring Raikou-GX!
  • 1 Never-before-seen Foil Promo Card featuring Entei-GX!
  • 6 Pokemon TCG Booster Packs