Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Cardfight Vanguard Sneak Peek

Friday night at the Royal British Legion in Shoreham we will be holding ...

The registration for the event will open at 6:30pm and I hope to get things started by 7:00pm at the latest!

The cost will be £17 as normal and for those who have not been before the format will be as follows....

Players will use he six boosters to 'draft' a deck to play in three rounds of a 'swiss' tournament o find the sneak peak champion!

There is an important change for drafts in regards to Legion Cards which is ...

"If a fighter opens a Legion Rare, that fighter may ask for a judge to verify it. If it is verified, each player chooses the trigger unit, as well as two other cards, and places them face down."

Other rules remain the same, if you are new to the process here is how it works...

What is Booster Draft Booster Draft?

Booster Draft is a method of play which involves purchasing, opening and building a deck straight away for a game!

Fighters open the packs and choose a card he or she would like to use in a predetermined order (this is known as a “draft”), and decks are built right there and then!

With this unique style, fighters get to experience the thrill of selecting cards, and the joy of playing with a different deck every time!

How to do a Draft?

1. Decide on the seating arrangement around the table with a random method.

2. Each person will open one pack, and check the cards inside that pack.

3. Choose a card and place it face down in front of you. (On you first pick for a pack you will take a trigger unit and one other card) Fighters may not peek at the face down cards.

4. Once everyone has chosen their cards, all fighters will pass the rest of the cards in hand to the person on the left, in a clockwise direction.

5. With the cards received from the fighter on the right, choose a card and place it face down. Once everyone is done, pass the rest of the cards in hand to the left again. Repeat until all the cards have been taken.

6. Between the third and fourth pack, you may check your own face down cards.

Starting from the fourth pack, pass the cards in hand to the person on your

7. Once all 6 packs have been opened and passed around, the draft ends. The fight will now begin with the 30 cards chosen and formed as a deck!

Deck building
1. The 30 chosen cards becomes your deck.

2. The rules which restrict only 4 of the same card, as well as only 4 heal triggers in a deck do not apply here.

Game conditions

The basic rules of Cardfight!! Vanguard can be found here:

The rules of a normal cardfight apply, but with the addition of a special rule:

“During a trigger check, if a vanguard or rear-guard of the same clan as the trigger unit is not present on the field, the trigger effects will still activate.”

Therefore, please ignore the clans of the trigger units when choosing cards to build your deck

Friday, 23 October 2015

New from Dice Masters

Coming this November...

The Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider­-Man Starter Set features fan favorite characters like Spider­-Man, Ghost Rider, Kingpin, and more! Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider­-Man also premieres the Sinister Six, Allies, Underdogs, and other exciting mechanics!

With game­play that supports two players in epic dice battles, Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-­Man will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-­Man Starter Set is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh!

44 Custom Dice
38 Cards
Two Dice Bags
Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook
Everything two players need to play Marvel Dice Masters!

Also available will be ...

Cash and Guns

This weekend will be running sneak previews of Ticket to Ride UK as well as a great chance to win a play mat for Seven Wonders but just in case you thought that would be the last of this years organised play for board games, here is another great game with some great prizes...

Cash'n Guns Boxes
Included in the Cash’n Guns OP kit is a new giant Cthulhu, designed by the fan-favorite illustrator John Kovalic. He stands twice as tall as the other gangsters, and players are going to have to think twice when Cthulhu is aiming his gun at them. Also included are four Uzis for use in regular play. Staring down the barrel of that, there are going to be a lot less punks feeling lucky that day.

This kit contains: 32 Cthulhu characters and 4 foam Uzis which will be used as prizes. If you have not played before it will be a great opportunity to learn a new game as well as getting a chance to win something cool. I will post more details as soon as I have them. In the meantime here is a video from Dice Tower showing how this game is played...

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Code Names

Code names is a team-based party game for 4 to 8 players. It should be due in later this week and hopefully available to play at this weekends Gambit Sunday.

Here’s how it works. You deal out a grid of 25 words, divide your players into two teams, and each team nominates a team leader.

The team leaders are then given access to a card that designates each word on the grid as an agent belonging to the red or blue team, a boring, beige-coloured innocent bystander, or the DEADLY ASSASSIN WORD. You win when all of your agents are marked on the board, like so:

How you go about this is equally simple. Each turn, the team leader says a single word (that can’t be on the board) followed by a number, for example, “Desert 2”. What you’re saying there is that two of your team’s words on this grid relate to deserts.

The other players on your team then play a kind of verbal minesweeper, discussing the clue in a way that will invariably see the team leader wanting to bang their head on the table. "Palm trees are in the desert! Aren't they? Oh! You need bottles in a desert! Or, um..." Eventually, they'll point to a word and wince.

The team leader then covers this up with the word’s corresponding tile, hopefully an agent of your colour. What you don’t want is for it to be an innocent bystander, because then you have to stop guessing and pass your turn over to the other team (not forgetting the clue you failed to get which is, of course, still on the board). What you REALLY don’t want is for it to be an enemy agent, as you give them a point and still have to stop guessing. But what you really, really, really don’t want is for it to be the assassin word, because then you instantly lose the game.

Another wonderful touch is that there’s a sand timer included the box, which players are meant to flip whenever they think someone is taking too long, including themselves.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Pokémon 3 Mewtwo Mega Evolution Collector’s Pins

Releasing November 18th 2015

Give Your Collection a Boost! Power up your Pokémon TCG collection with 3 booster packs, and show your Pokémon pride with 1 of 2 awesome collector’s pins featuring Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y!

· 3 Pokémon TCG booster packs
· 3 Mega Evolution Pokémon collector’s pins

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Unboxing of Superman/Wonder Woman

Just in time for the first HeroClix Pre-Release events, Scott Porter and Kevin Kiniry, of DC Comics, unbox the latest DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman booster bricks, showing off DC Comics' premiere power couple with their friends and foes. You'll definitely want to add the figures to your HeroClix collections!

Ticket to Ride UK is coming...

Ticket to Ride UK Pre-Release Event

Calling all Ticket to Ride fans! Esdevium Games are teaming up with 15 game stores across the country to offer you the opportunity to play the new Ticket to Ride UK Expansion before its release date!

A we are one of the lucky stores! 

We will receive two copies of the Ticket to Ride UK expansion and will be running preview events at the shop on the 24th of October, Gambit Sunday on the 25th October and KD Games Night on Tuesday 27th October.
We will be tracking players points on the day and turning those points into miles to see who can travel the furthest distance around our UK train map.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Heroclix League

This weekend sees the launch of our Heroclix League. Designed with our younger players in mind we are starting a casual event that allows players to play with small 300 point teams against each other and earn points which can be traded in for some great prizes...


For every game you play you will earn a point. For every game that ends in a draw you will get an additional point and if you win a game you will get a further 3 points. Some weeks we will set up some objective based games otherwise they will be played as either single or multi player games basically it is up to you. Play whoever you want and at what ever time you want as long as it is in the shop you will get you points. Your free to trade your points in whenever you want, either get lots of small items or save up for something a little bigger.

The league will be running every Saturday we are open. We will create a FB event for each week to allow players to arrange times to meet up, if you want to be included in these invites please let me know.

Pokemon Delux Tin

Carry your collection anywhere, or share a trove of Pokémon treasures with a fan! This sturdy metal case contains more than a dozen special Pokémon goodies, including many not found anywhere else.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Collector Chest includes:
· 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs
· 3 foil promo cards featuring Hoopa,Pikachu, and Chespin
· A cool Pokémon coin
· 2 colorful sticker sheets
· A mini album to store your favorite cards
· A Pokémon notepad and 4 pencils
· A code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

A Pokemon Christmas!

Christmas is coming and I am pretty sure some of you will be wanting one of these ...

Hoopa-EX At Your Command! Pikachu-EX Leads The Way!

The two Pokémon TCG: Legendary Collections bring you the beloved Pikachu or the mischievous Hoopa as a powerful new Pokémon-EX, plus five different full-art Legendary Pokémon. These collections deliver some of the most famous characters from throughout the Pokémon world!

Each Pokémon TCG: Legendary Collection includes:
· A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Pikachu-EX or Hoopa-EX!
· 5 Legendary Pokémon as stunning full-art cards!
· A detailed collector’s pin featuring Pikachu or Hoopa!
· 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs
· A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online


These are going to be very popular, so if you want one reserved you will need to let me know as soon as you can. ( It is very unlikely that we will get a second delivery of these.) At just £25 it will make a perfect gift for Christmas or just a nice treat for yourself.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Our first ever Heroclix Pre-release

Get your hands on the new DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Boosters two weeks before official release!

Superman Wonder Woman Pre-Release Event!

Attention HeroClix Fans!

Players will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set and possibly walk away with one of the six all-new DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Colossal figures!


Players up to 8
Force construction: DRAFT
Tournament Structure: SWISS
Special Tournament Rules:

Prizing: Players keep the 5 figures from the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set that they drafted for their team and have a chance to win one of the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Colossal figures

Entry Fee: £10 per person — each participant receives one (1) 5-figure booster pack of DC

Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman.

Players open their boosters and draft a team of 5 figures from the boosters— for the purpose of drafting, seat all players and have each player choose one figure out of their first booster and each booster passed to them until all players have drafted a team of 5 figures.

Once all players have drafted their teams, run the tournament/pairings as a normal Swiss Tournament.

This event will be held in at number 8 Tarmount Lane in Shoreham by Sea, registration opens at 10am and the draft will start at 10:30am

Friday, 9 October 2015

FNM Events for October

As normal we will be running our Friday Night Magic events from The Royal British Legion in Shoreham.  As normal we will start all the events at 7pm, but players are welcome earlier. 

We will be running either Standard or Modern events starting with Standard.

The venue will open between 5:30pm and 7pm each week to allow players to trade, have some casual games or test their decks for the evening. We will also run some casual MTG formats during these times for those that want to get hold of a copy of this months promo card. Our shop at 8 Tarmount Lane will also be open before then, if anyone wants any boosters, etc.

We will try and get 4 swiss rounds of 40 minutes each week after which the top two players will get prizes.

Here is the proposed schedule of events for this month, in addition to these there will be draft events being held on Tuesday Night, more details to follow soon.


Friday 2nd October ...... Standard 7pm £3 .... Royal British Legion
Friday 9th October ...... Modern 7pm £3 .... Royal British Legion
Friday 16th October ...... Standard 7pm £3 .... Royal British Legion
Friday 23rd October ...... Standard 7pm £3 .... Royal British Legion
Friday 30th October ...... Modern 7pm £3 .... Royal British Legion

All events will be confirmed in the days proceeding it when the facebook event is created, please confirm you attendance if you can. If you are not getting invites to these events and would like to the please let me know.

Remember the more players the higher the prize pool ... FNM Prizes and we also now run an attendance card as well ... Attendence Cards

Game of Thrones LCG Second Edition

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

The world of Westeros is wracked with war, intrigue, and strife. The Great Houses muster armies and meet in titanic battles, while their assassins and spies struggle in the shadows. Across the Narrow Sea, the first dragons in years have awoken, while in the barren lands beyond the Wall, a nameless threat is stirring, eager to crush the world with freezing cold and endless night. Westeros is unforgiving of mistakes, and in the end, only one game truly matters: the game of thrones!

This came in on Tuesday and is a game I am really excited about. I have wanted to play for a long time but missed it the first time around so decided to wait for the second edition. We it is now time for me to learn to play, so to help me and hopefully you as well here is the Fantasy Flight tutorial video...

Seven Wonders

Have you played Seven Wonders? Want a chance to win a play mat?

Then this event is for you. At Gambit Sunday on 24th October we will be running a Seven Wonders tournament. Depending on the interest this will either be a series of games with the highest scoring players competing for the chance to win some great prizes or and single large game.

If you have never played, there is still time to learn. Over the coming weeks we will demoing this great game both at the shop and at our regualr KD Games Night which is held on Tuesdays at the Royal George. If you want to have a look at how this game works beforehand then watch this youtube video which takes you through the basic rules...

Lone Wolf - Releasing October 2015

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game: introducing a new generation to the tabletop roleplaying hobby. It’s a game that you can hand to new gamers interested in roleplaying games and they can quickly teach themselves how to play. The game is playable right out of the box - a new group can sit down, open the box and be playing right away without any expert help. It’s built as the ideal introduction for a new group to buy, as a gift from an older gamer to a younger relative or friend, or as the perfect tool for more established gamers to use to teach a new generation.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is not only for beginners: The game builds in complexity from simple beginnings to a fully fledged roleplaying game just as suitable for the veteran roleplayer.

It’s not a demo set. It’s not a hobbled version of another game. It’s the full roleplaying game experience presented in an accessible and easy to learn format.

· Playable right out of the box – No waiting to play, just gather your new group and crack the box open
· Designed to be easy to learn for young players and novices.
· Low price point – the boxed set is just £20 for a complete roleplaying game.
· All the amazing production quality you’d expect from Cubicle 7.
· Great for existing gamers too – the game includes a wealth of advanced options that can be employed right from the start.
· Perfect first roleplaying game, perfect gift for the younger gamer.
· Based on the best-selling Lone Wolf game books by Joe Dever.
· Complete game – everything needed to play.

Saturday, 3 October 2015



Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Admit it. You love it.

This award-winning card game, designed by Steve Jackson, captures the essence of the dungeon experience... with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items! Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm... or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the Plutonium Dragon...

And it's illustrated by John Kovalic! Fast-playing and silly, Munchkin can reduce any roleplaying group to hysteria. And, while they're laughing, you can steal their stuff.

If you have not played this game then have a look at this video from Table Top...

The Great Devourer

“There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. With each decade it advances deeper, leaving drained, dead worlds in its wake. This horror, this abomination, has thought and purpose which function on an unimaginable, galactic scale, and all we can do is try to stop the swarms of bio-engineered monsters it unleashes upon us. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call it the Tyranid race, but if it is aware of us at all, it must know us only as Prey.”
–Inquisitor Czevak at the Conclave of Har

A new horror approaches – a ravenous species, sweeping through space and filled with an insatiable hunger. This horror is known by many names: the Great Devourer, the Doom of All Things, the Penance of the Elder Gods. To the Imperium, they are the Tyranids – biologically engineered super-predators perfectly adapted to slaughter and harvest new biomass from conquered worlds. Their numbers are legion. Their hunger is as boundless as space itself. Their only goal is to devour and destroy until the galaxy is lifeless and dead. Now, they have come to the Traxis sector.

The Great Devourer is the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, and it introduces a brand-new faction to the game: the Tyranids! Two Tyranids warlords lead these horrific creatures into battle, each offering a very different play style. In addition to these warlords and their signature squads, you’ll find a host of new units, supports, events, and attachments to support the Tyranids, including an entirely new type of unit, the synapse unit. The Tyranids aren’t the only ones to benefit from this expansion, however. Every other faction must make its stand against the Great Devourer in the Traxis sector, and brand-new unique characters help them to battle the Tyranid threat.

A New Breed of War

The Tyranid race wages war very differently than other factions. They have not come to the Traxis sector looking for ancient tech or military strongpoints. They are here for one purpose only – to devour everything within the sector. Because the Tyranids have no interest in diplomacy, they lie outside of the Conquest faction wheel, unable to ally with any other faction. But the Tyranids have plenty of unique adaptations to overcome their lack of allies.

In the furor of battle, the Tyranids are commanded by Hive Mind that connects every Tyranid creature. This single coordinating sentience is formed from the billions of individual consciousnesses that make up the Tyranids. Orders are telepathically conveyed to each Tyranid warrior, allowing massive armies to act in complete unison. However, to maintain this telepathic link, certain Tyranid creatures must broadcast the commands of the Hive Mind. In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, these specialized Tyranids are represented by an entirely new type of unit: the synapse unit.

To maintain the Hive Mind’s link with the Tyranid hordes, a single warlord is not enough. Therefore, each Tyranid warlord must be supported by a single synapse unit, which begins the game in play alongside your warlord. What’s more, the Tyranids don’t use the single command dial used by every other faction. Instead, The Great Devourer introduces a unique double command dial, which features two dials – one for the warlord and one for your synapse unit.

Each synapse unit offers unique abilities and tactical considerations to the Tyranids. For instance, you may select Savage Warrior Prime (The Great Devourer, 11) as your synapse unit. This synapse unit must commit to a different planet than your warlord, but in some senses, it serves as a secondary warlord. Savage Warrior Prime’s ability reads, “While checking for a battle and determining initiative at this planet, this unit is considered to be a warlord, unless an enemy warlord is at this planet.” With Savage Warrior Prime, you can essentially trigger two battles each turn, allowing the Tyranid forces to swarm and devour all life within the Traxis sector. Five distinct synapse units are included in The Great Devourer, giving you numerous options for customizing any Tyranid deck.
Specialized for War

The Great Devourer also features Termagants , a new type of token unit for the Tyranids. Termagants are individually weak, but in large numbers Termagants can overwhelm any army. In addition, your Termagants will reap the benefits of the new Hive Mind specialization introduced in this expansion.

A specialization is a word or phrase that categorizes an ability and links it (thematically and mechanically) to other similar abilities. For example, many cards in The Great Devourer possess the Hive Mind specialization, and all abilities with the Hive Mind specialization focus on increasing the power of your Termagant token units.

Just one of the units that features the Hive Mind specialization in The Great Devourer is the Termagant Spikers (The Great Devourer, 25). This unit bears the Ranged keyword, but more importantly, its Hive Mind ability gives Ranged to each Termagant token you control at the same planet. Termagants may be easy to pick off, but when they can all fire before your opponent has the chance to pick them off, the damage can quickly stack up. And the Termagant Spikers are just one unit with a Hive Mind ability. When the power of the Hive Mind is keenly focused by more units with Hive Mind abilities, even the lowly Termagants can become terrifying foes.
A Deeply Rooted Infestation

When Tyranids overcome a planet’s defenses, that planet can be forever changed. A planet that has been infested by the Tyranids can provide numerous benefits for a cunning Tyranid warlord as his forces devour the planet’s biomass.

In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Tyranid cards such as the Virulent Spore Sacs (The Great Devourer, 48) allow you to infest the planets of the Traxis sector. Infested planets are marked with a special infestation token, and in order to remove this token, a player must win a battle at the infested planet. Each infested planet provides critical advantages to the advancing Tyranid hordes. Indeed, many Tyranid cards become even more powerful when deployed to an infested planets.

For example, as a Combat Action, you can move the Hunter Gargoyles (The Great Devourer, 19) to any infested planet. Whether you use this ability to keep the Hunter Gargoyles safe or launch them into battle at any time during the combat phase, this ability gives them unparalleled mobility. Alternatively, Spore Burst (The Great Devourer, 37) offers you a way to restore Tyranid units to life. During the deployment phase, you can play Spore Burst to put a unit with printed cost three or lower into play from your discard pile at any infested planet. By infesting key planets throughout the Traxis sector, you can ensure that nowhere is safe from the influence of the Tyranids.

Foes of the Great Devourer

The Tyranids are not the only faction to receive powerful new cards in The Great Devourer. In this deluxe expansion, each of the seven factions introduced in the Core Set gains six new cards (three copies each of two distinct cards), including an entirely new unique unit and another card to help you battle the Tyranids.

You may take brutal vengeance on the Tyranids with the Deathwatch Space Marines or fight alongside Seraphim Superior Allegra (The Great Devourer, 52) of the Adepta Sororitas. Whether you want to command an Eldar Autarch or a Chaos Space Marine of the World Eaters, these new cards help you go toe-to-toe with the Tyranid attackers and survive. To combat the Tyranid threat, every faction will need their most powerful warriors and most cunning tactics.
Doom Comes to the Traxis Sector

The Tyranid threat has traveled across the endless light-years of space to reach the Traxis sector… and they have arrived hungrier than ever before. Will you lead these hordes of ravening monsters across the planets, or will you be one of the fearless few who dares to take up arms and battle this threat? Choose your side, and prepare for your battles to change forever with The Great Devourer expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

BFZ Event Deck

The end is coming, and the Ultimate Sacrifice Event Deck is poised to hasten that end. Mostly for your opponent.

Combining the ready-made-to-sacrifice Eldrazi Scions with several powerful cards from Tarkir Block and Magic Origins, this deck can create a horde of token creatures capable of burying the opponent in combat, fueling powerful spells, or feeding larger creatures.

Built as a ready-to-play deck for FNM Standard tournament, or something you can customize to your liking, the Ultimate Sacrifice deck is ready to play right out of the box—and ready to run over anyone who dares to challenge the Eldrazi horde.

Creature (26)
1 Hangarback Walker

Sorcery (4) 
4 Bone Splinters

Instant (2)
2 Murderous Cut

Enchantment (4)
1 Corpseweft

Land (24) 
6 Swamp 
7 Forest
60 Cards

Sideboard (15) 
3 Duress  

This deck is ready to go and it is great value for money. These are likely to sell fast so if you want one then you need to let me know soon.

Friday, 2 October 2015

MTG Launch Day - Battle for Zendikar

Today is launch day for battle for Zendikar and everyone that attends tonight's FNM will get a special promo card...

Blight Herder

It is also the first FNM that the new muligan rules take effect...

103.4. Each player draws a number of cards equal to his or her starting hand size, which is normally seven. (Some effects can modify a player’s starting hand size.) A player who is dissatisfied with his or her initial hand may take a mulligan. First, the starting player declares whether or not he or she will take a mulligan. Then each other player in turn order does the same. Once each player has made a declaration, all players who decided to take mulligans do so at the same time. To take a mulligan, a player shuffles his or her hand back into his or her library, then draws a new hand of one fewer cards than he or she had before. If a player kept his or her hand of cards, those cards become the player’s opening hand, and that player may not take any further mulligans. This process is then repeated until no player takes a mulligan. (Note that if a player’s hand size reaches zero cards, that player must keep that hand.) Then, beginning with the starting player and proceeding in turn order, any player whose opening hand has fewer cards than his or her starting hand size may scry 1.

The key change is that last sentence.

Then, beginning with the starting player and proceeding in turn order, any player whose opening hand has fewer cards than his or her starting hand size may scry 1.